Lourey C. Smith

Lourey C Smith

Lourey Smith is a consultant of the firm after being a partner for many years, as well as a distinguished attorney and economist. Following her education at the University of the West Indies, she worked as an economist with the government of The Bahamas for years before transitioning into law. After her admittance to The Bahamas Bar in October of 1986, Lourey joined the firm and has continued practicing law since then.

She specializes in legal matters that involve conveyancing, mortgages, commercial and corporate structures, and general wealth management projects. The scope of her practice also includes estate planning and administration, and intellectual property and transactional work related to business ventures in The Bahamas.

Lourey’s core values include integrity, loyalty, and honesty. She truly enjoys practicing law and interacting with clients from all over the world, and this is reflected in the way which she conducts every facet of her work. Lourey is skilled at problem analysis and formulating timely, effective solutions. This is why her clients know her as a results-driven professional who gets the job done.

In addition to this, Lourey is passionate about restructuring of land titles in the Bahamas, and to this day she continues to advocate to The Bahamas government in a variety of relevant property law and land title matters. She currently serves as Director of The Bahamas Protected Areas Fund.

In her spare time, Lourey enjoys gardening. She is also a member of Church of The Holy Spirit Anglican Church and volunteers with organizations whose mission it is to assist underprivileged children.