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Today, McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes services its clientele through the expertise of its Attorneys in over 13 practice groups.

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McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes is one of the largest and oldest firms in The Bahamas

McKINNEY, BANCROFT & HUGHES is one of the largest and oldest firms in The Bahamas and conducts an extensive international and domestic practice from its offices in the cities of Nassau and Freeport. Established in 1945, the Firm’s philosophy of delivering superior levels of service by industry specialists was established by its founding partners, Donald McKinney, Sir Oswald Bancroft and Sir Leonard Knowles. Dr. Colin A. Hughes joined the partnership in 1947 following the departure of Sir Leonard Knowles and the Firm was restyled McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes. Since its inception McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes has grown from a small practice of three attorneys with a support staff of three to a team of over thirty attorneys with a support staff of more than one hundred.  Originally housed in a single office in the Boyle Building, downtown Nassau, in 1990 the firm moved to offices located on George Street in the heart of Nassau. McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes also has offices at Lyford Cay in Western New Providence and in Freeport, the nation’s second city, on the Island of Grand Bahama.

Each client of the firm is the responsibility of an individual lawyer, through whom the collective expertise and resources of the firm become available. While each client’s work is handled on a personal basis, the high degree of interchange of information and cooperation between individual attorneys ensures that the client’s work is effectively supervised and guided within the firm to the appropriate areas of expertise. The Firm is The Bahamas member of Lex Mundi, a Global Association of over 160 Independent Law Firms that represent over 60 countries. High professional standards of performance and quality representation are the main membership selection criteria. Through the effective and efficient professional association of Lex Mundi, the Firm is able to respond to requirements for legal services throughout the markets of the world and virtually every country. Founded principally as a corporate and commercial firm, today McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes is engaged in the general practice of law and services its clientele through the expertise of its attorneys in over 35 practice areas.

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The Bahamas is one of the premier offshore financial centres in the world.

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas is an archipelago of approximately 700 Islands and Islets located just 50 miles off the coast of Florida and extending 750 miles southeastwards to the tip of Cuba. The 700 Islands account for 5,400 sq. miles in total land mass and cover approximately 100,000 sq. miles in the Atlantic Ocean. The Bahamas is one of the world’s premier offshore financial centres and recent initiatives by the Government are geared to assist The Bahamas in re-gaining its place as the world’s pre-eminent offshore financial centre. Apart from its convenient location, incomparable climate and established infrastructure, The Bahamas is a model of political, economic and social stability.

The Legal System of the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a former Colony of The United Kingdom and inherited its Common Law system which was one of the greatest exports of the British Empire. The Law of The Bahamas is based on English Common Law supplemented by legislation promulgated by the Parliament of The Bahamas. Recent legislation has modernized Company and Trust Laws. The Court System is also modeled after that of The United Kingdom. Magistrates’ Courts hear minor criminal and civil cases, and the Supreme Court hears the more serious criminal and major civil cases. Appeals are heard by the Court of Appeal and the Privy Council in England, the highest Court of Appeal for The Bahamas.

The Government of the Bahamas

The Government is modeled on the British Constitutional pattern with a Prime Minister, a Cabinet of Ministers, an appointed Senate and a House of Assembly elected by the people to control and administer the day to day affairs of the country. The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II and she is represented by an appointed Governor General. On the 10th July 1973, The Bahamas became an independent nation and a Member of The Commonwealth of Nations. The Bahamas has a written Constitution which guarantees fundamental rights. The Bahamas has enjoyed more than 285 years of uninterrupted parliamentary democracy. It is a Member of the United Nations and its specialized agencies.

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The lex mundi advantage

McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes is the exclusive member firm in The Bahamas for Lex Mundi.

McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes is the exclusive member firm in The Bahamas for Lex Mundi – the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide. As part of the Lex Mundi global network, we can provide our clients with preferred access to more than 21,000 lawyers around the world – all from a single point of contact. Individually, each Lex Mundi member firm is a leader in its local market. Collectively, Lex Mundi firms provide global legal resources with unmatched depth and breadth. Working with other Lex Mundi firms, we are able to seamlessly handle our clients’ most challenging cross-border transactions and disputes.

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